January is National Train Your Dog Month!

Upon consideration, it seems appropriate that during the month of resolutions and making changes we would find ourselves with a theme like training your dog. For the average pup training consists of sit, down, stay, and hopefully a good recall. Training with your dog is beneficial for them at any age, not just when they are puppies! There have been many studies showing that continual training in a dog’s senior years is good for their overall mental health. Training keeps their minds fresh, keeps their bodies moving, and improves cognitive skills.

Did you know there are many things that can be done with your dog such as:

Scent work?
Agility? (My personal favorite!)
Dock Diving
Fly Ball
and so much more!!

You might say to yourself, how do I get involved? Looking online for reputable trainers can be daunting but we are here to help. Below you will find a list of trainers that we are familiar with and recommend. 

Adirondack High Peaks Dog Training Club