Veterinary Services

Pet Pharmacy

At Lake Placid Animal Hospital, we understand that your pet’s health and well-being are of paramount importance. We also recognize that ensuring your furry companion receives the right medications and treatments is a crucial part of their care. That’s why we’re proud to offer pet pharmacy services that go above and beyond your expectations.

Complete Pharmacy with Access to Compounding Pharmacies
for Special Medication

Our in-house pet pharmacy brings a level of convenience that is second to none. No more waiting for prescriptions or traveling to different locations to find the medications your pet needs. We have a wide range of pharmaceuticals readily available to meet your pet’s requirements, saving you time and effort.

A dog lying on a bed with a person touching its head

When it comes to your pet’s health, we prioritize safety and efficacy. Our pharmacy only stocks medications and treatments from reputable sources, ensuring that the products we offer are of the highest quality and suitable for your pet’s specific needs.

Our team of experienced veterinarians is here to provide personalized guidance and tailor-made solutions for your pet’s health. Whether it’s long-term medication or short-term treatment, we’ve got you covered.

At Lake Placid Animal Hospital, we’re not just providing medications, we’re nurturing your pet’s well-being. Our pharmacy services are designed with your pet’s comfort and health in mind, ensuring they receive the right treatment at the right time.

The Benefits of Our Pet Pharmacy Services


Access the medications your pet needs without having to go to a separate pharmacy.

Quality Assurance

Rest easy knowing your pet’s medications come from trusted sources and adhere to strict quality standards.

Expert Guidance

Rely on our veterinarians’ expertise to choose the right medications and provide guidance on their administration.