Veterinary Services

Pet Wellness Care

At Lake Placid Animal Hospital, we understand the profound bond you share with your pets. They are not just animals, they are cherished family members who bring joy, comfort, and endless love into your lives. We take this sentiment to heart, and our mission is to provide a level of pet wellness care that goes above and beyond.

Routine Wellness Care to Keep Your Pets Healthy

We recognize that each pet is unique, with their own individual needs and personalities. Our dedicated team of veterinarians and staff are not just experts in animal health they are passionate about understanding your pet’s specific requirements.

A person petting a dog

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the cutting-edge wellness services we offer. From comprehensive wellness exams to preventative care, vaccinations, and nutritional guidance, we provide a holistic approach to your pet’s health.

We aim not only to treat ailments but to prevent them, ensuring a longer, happier life for your furry friend.

We know how important it is for pet parents to have peace of mind. Our wellness care services are designed to detect health issues early before they become major concerns. This means fewer worries for you and a healthier, more vibrant life for your pet.

We understand that vet visits can be stressful for both pets and their owners. That’s why we’ve created a warm, welcoming environment where your pets can feel safe and at ease. We believe that their emotional well-being is just as important as their physical health.

The Benefits of Pet Wellness Care

Early Detection

Many health issues can be subtle and easily missed. Our regular wellness exams can catch these issues before they escalate.

Customized Care

Your pet is one of a kind. Our wellness plans are tailored to their specific needs, ensuring they get the care that’s right for them.

Longer, Happier Lives

By focusing on prevention and early intervention, our wellness care can help your pet live a longer, healthier life.